10, Apr 2017
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Ne propunem să vă recomandăm periodic articole interesante despre Manchester United, lecturi care ne aduc pe toți mai aproape de clubul nostru și de jucătorii care îl reprezintă. Iată primele recomandări:

The Many Passes Of Paul Pogba – Este Paul Pogba noul Paul Scholes?

Pogba has been the team’s most influential, and inventive, player this term, and as his creative specialism gains greater recognition and his role becomes clearer, his productivity will only improve.

Manchester United may have thought they were getting an all-round midfield machine last summer, but the reality is much more enticing.

Why are Manchester United struggling to score – Care sunt erorile de design al lotului lui United care fac echipa să înscrie puține goluri în acest sezon?

If you’ve got a striker who stretches play, then the other team is forced to cover the space behind them, and thus, the space in front of their box becomes more easily exploitable. The other thing is the wide play. If you’ve got dynamic players with excellent dribbling and crossing, you CAN get away with having a striker who comes deep.

From poverty in Ecuador to Old Trafford: the battling career of Antonio Valencia – Povestea lui Antonio Valencia

Born in poverty in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, he, along with his mother, would sell drinks in front of the local Carlos Vernaza stadium, before jetting out with his expectedly energetic brothers to find empty bottles so that they and his father could sell it off to a bottle deposit.

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